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Kasumi 11
A Little more of "Fabulous" Kasumi when she isn't complaining to her twin/clones.

Yes fabulous Kasumi, Ka-Su-Mi, Kasumi-Sama, Kasu-chan, whatever you use to refer to Kasumi etc, etc

Dead or Alive, Kasumi, and having some of their windows game ports at the same price they were last year are the property of Koeitecmo
Kasumi (Casual Summer MOD) by :iconxxkammyxx:
Rendered in Cycles (Blender 2.78a)
Kasumi 10
"Can you just believe the nerve of them? Daring to ask me if i was concerned that blond midget or her chubby friend were going to steal the lead role of DOA from me? I quickly reminded them of the one thing i have that those two talent less dolts don't. I am simply Fabulous. Don't you agree little sister?"

"Well since you're being so fabulous today. Big Sis can clean the dirt stains from the floor she made coming in earlier, and forgot to take her shoes off again like a civilized person. Also try to ignore Famitsu or Dengeki's silly questions already. Or do I have to tie you up when the day Tekken 7 comes out too now?"

Dead or Alive, Kasumi, Kasumi with a different name, Kasumi another name, Kasumi with green goo on, and Ayane are the property of Koeitecmo
Kasumi (Casual Summer Mod) by xXKammyXx
RB 1.2 Kasumi conversion by me
Outfit borrowed from DOA5LR Kasumi costume 24 by rolance
bland background by me
Don't drink and drive.
Rendered in Cycles (2.78a)
Honoka 04
(Insert witty comment about Honoka asking why Grumpy Rose isn't trying to photo-bomb her after the previous blue glove incident)

Dead or Alive, Honoka, and Marie Rose are the property of Koeitecmo
DOA5LR Honoka Super Sexy mod by Deluwyrn
DOA5 Marie Rose Costume 40 Flower Set by rolance
bland background by me
Rendered in Cycles (2.78a)
Rachel 05
Idea from my old q6600 days i never bothered to finish back then.

Also i hate weight painting.
Rachel, Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or Alive are the property of Koeitecmo
R.B 1.2 Rachel Conversion by me
What looks like a swimsuit by me
boring background by me
rendered in Cycles (2.78a)
Marie Rose One Finger Challenge
You're just jealous everyone wants to see my figure Honoka Boobmonster-chan.

If you object to anything colored blue in this image. Please send your grievances to Honoka's good buddy Deluwyrm instead of me.

Honoka, and the annoyed Marie Rose are the property of Koeitecmo
Samsung, Galaxy S7 are registered Trademarks of Samsung Corporation
DOA5LR Honoka Hot Summer By xXKammyXx
HDM4.x Marie Rose port by DOA-Nephilim
boring room by me
bad sofa by me
knockoff looking s7 cell phone by me
Rendered in Cycles (2.78a)


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United States


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Can i make a request on your deviantart channel?!Hamtaro 

If your answer is yes...

Can you make Kasumi model in her third costume for me?! Please 

ps: All your deviantart artworks are very great!Clap 
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